Deborah (Deb) Bruce Gottlieb, FSA Scot

Deb initially joined Bruce International in 1984 when Lord Elgin sanctioned the creation of the Family. In 2006 to the present, after the formation of the Family of Bruce International (FOBI), she became the Editor of the Blue Lion and Southeast Commissioner for the Name and Family of Bruce. She served as Operations Officer for FOBI from October 2007 through October 2015, and as Treasurer from October 2018 to present.
Deb was born in Boston, MA as a first-generation American to a Scottish Born father who was also a co-founder of Bruce International. As a child, she attended Scottish events with her grandparents and became part of the Scottish diaspora.
In 1976, she and Ben Gottlieb were married in Phoenix AZ and in 1980 moved to Atlanta GA and have just celebrated their 43rd wedding anniversary! Deb is now retired from BellSouth where she was a Project Manager, process re-engineering leader, and business systems analyst.