Broomhall House

Broomhall House, located in Fife, not far from Dunfermline, Scotland, is the ancestral home of the Family of Bruce.  It is still the residence for Lord and Lady Elgin and other family members.  The house dates back to 1702 and has gone through several rebuilds and redesigns since then.  The current structure was completed in 1865.  It is located on an estate of approximately 2500 acres, that is still home to many sheep and is still farmed.

In the last few years, Charles, Lord Bruce, has been actively transforming the house into a luxury event center, as well as a residence.  It has been used for corporate events and product debuts, including by McLaren Auto and Rolls Royce.  It has also hosted many other corporate and private events and is offered for tour excursions through various cruise and tourist agencies.  It is a fine example of Greek Revival architecture and had been meticulously restored and maintained.  The main floor, particularly the entryway and library, have the look and feel of a fine museum, with many family and Scottish artifacts on display.

Broomhall House and estate is a tribute to the ongoing importance of the Bruce family in Scottish history and is a home we can all take pride in.

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