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Researched and compiled by Thomas B. Bruce, former webmaster for Family of Bruce. Many thanks for his tremendous work on this.

Thomas has continued his work on House of Bruce lineages and has a website that may be of interest for genealogy purposes:

There are a few Bruce genealogy books that have been printed over the years with lineages. They may be available through your local library or the inter-library loan program. Some of these books are international and may be very hard to find.


Robert The Bruce

United Kingdom
The famous King Robert, “The Bruce”, I of Scotland. Many books are available new and used at most bookstores. Recommend: the one by John Barbour, 1320-1395, translated by George Eyre-Todd. Published originally 1907, but available by Mercat Press, 1996. John Barbour was the first author of The Bruce, which was completed in 1375.

Robert The Bruce's Rival: The Comyns by Alan Young

Robert The Bruce’s Rival: The Comyns, 1212-1314. Tuckwell Press. East Lothian. 1997.

Robert Bruce's Irish Wars: by Sean Duffy

Publisher: Tempus Publishing ltd. Publish Date: September, 2001

The Bruces of Airth by by Major William Bruce Armstrong

The Bruces of Airth and their cadets, by Major William Bruce Armstrong. Edinburgh, by T. and A. Constable Published 1892.

The Life of Bruce, the African Traveler. By Major F. B. Head.

This book references The Life of James Bruce, (1730-1794) the African traveler and explorer. London, J. Murray, 1830.

Bruce's Travels and Adventures in Abyssinia. By J. Clingan.

Bruce’s Travels and Adventures in Abyssinia. Edinburgh: 1860.

Life and Complete Works of Michael Bruce: poet of Loch Leven, By John Barnet.

Life and Complete Works of Michael Bruce: poet of Loch Leven. Chas. J. Thynne and Jarvis, London, 1927.

Architect Royal: The Life and Works of Sir William Bruce.

Biography of William Bruce (1630 – 1710) of Edinburgh, Scotland. Concentrates on 17th century architecture of Scotland houses, interiors, history, and politics. New York: Roundwood Press, Published 1975.

The Life & Loyalties of Thomas Bruce.

Biography of Thomas Bruce. Earl of Ailesbury & Elgin, Gentleman of the Bedchamber to King Charles II and King James II 1656-1741. Published 1951.

The Elgins, 1766 -1917 by Sidney Checkland

A tale of aristocrats, proconsuls and their wives. An excellent bibliography on the Elgins of Scotland. Published 1988.

Lord Elgin & The Marbles, by William St. Clair

The controversial history of the Parthenon sculptures. Published 1967. These are very beautiful sculptures and a must see at the British museum in London, England.

The Wars of the Bruces by Colm McNamee

A very interesting book on Robert “The Bruce” and his brother Edward Bruce and theatres of war in Scotland, England and Ireland, 1306 – 1328. Published 1997.

Lavallette Bruce, by Ian Bruce.

Lavallette Bruce; his adventures and intrigues before and after Waterloo. London, H. Hamilton Published 1953.

Tramp Royal: Sir Michael Bruce 11th Baronet of Stenhouse and Airth, by Michael Bruce

Biography on Sir Michael Bruce of Stenhouse and Airth. Published 1954.

Dr. W. S. Bruce, the polar explorer, by R. N. Rudmose Brown

Naturalist at the poles; the life, work & voyages of Dr. W. S. Bruce, the polar explorer, by R. N. Rudmose Brown, with five chapters by W. G. Burn Murdoch, with 38 illustrations and 3 maps. London, Seeley, Service & co. ltd. Published 1923.

The Bruces and Lochmaben Castle, by T. Henderson

The Royal Four Towns of Lochmaben. the Bruces and Lochmaben Castle. . Lockerbie Published 1953.

Memoirs of Peter Henry Bruce, esq.

Memoirs of Peter Henry Bruce (1692-1757), esq., a military officer in the services of Prussia, Russia & Great Britain. Containing an account of his travels in Germany, Russia, Tartary, Turkey, the West Indies, As also several very interesting private anecdotes of the Czar, Peter I. of Russia. New York, Da Capo Press, Published 1970.

George Bruce 1650 -1715, by John Goodall Bruce

United States
This book references the Bruce’s of the “Northern Neck area of Virginia”. (Caroline, Spotsylvania, Stafford, Richmond, and Westmoreland counties of Virginia.) Published 1977.

The Bruce Family of Virginia and Allied Families, by Thomas B. Bruce, 2021 United States and United Kingdom

United States
This family history book focuses on the Bruce Family of Virginia and Allied Families who settled in the mid 1660’s in the northern neck counties and the descendants that branched and settled throughout the United States. It covers corrections, extended generations, additional family trees: VA, NC, SC, GA, FL, AL, TN, KY, AR, IL, WV, KS, CO, and MO, photos and new facts that supplement The Bruce Family descending from George Bruce (1650 – 1715) published by a distant cousin, Mr. John Goodall Bruce in 1977.

The Life of Henry Bruce, by H. T. Morgan

This book references The Life of Henry Bruce born in Stafford County, Virginia, late 1700’s, and was a Kentucky Pioneer. He was the grandson of William Bruce of Stafford County, who is also a descendant of George Bruce (1650-1715) above. Published 1936.

The Last American Aristocrat, a biography of Ambassador David K E Bruce (1898 - 1977) by Nelson D Lankford.

This book references David Kirkpatrick Estes Bruce. He is also a descendant of George Bruce (1650-1715) above. Published 1996.

OSS Against the Reich: The World War II Diaries of Colonel David K. E. Bruce, by Nelson D Lankford.

This book references Colonel David Kirkpatrick Estes Bruce as well, but during WWII. Published Kent State University Press, Publish Date: 1991.

Biography of Eli Bruce sheriff of Niagara County, New York by Morris & Monsarrat

The masonic martyr. The biography of Eli Bruce, sheriff of Niagara County, New York, who for his attachment to the principles of masonry, and his fidelity to his trust, was imprisoned twenty-eight months in the Canandaigua jail. Louisville, Ky., Morris & Monsarrat, Published 1861.

John Bruce of The Shenandoah, Virginia by Violet L. Bruce.

This book references John Bruce of the Shenandoah, immigrant John Bruce of Frederick County, Virginia and descendants of his five children, Mary, Margaret, James, George, and Anne. Published 1987.

Book of Bruce by Lyman Horace Weeks

This book references many Bruces in and from the UK. New York, The Americana Society. Published 1907.

Patrick Henry Bruce: American Modernist: By William Agee.

A Catalogue Raisonne. (Exhibition catalog) NY: The Museum of Modern Art/ Houston: The Museum of Fine Arts, 1979.

The Ancestry of Hattie E.J. Bruce by Michael J. Roman

This book references the ancestry of Hattie E.J. Bruce b. 1895 d. 1965, of Vermont. Her Bruce line is traced back to Thomas Bruce of Sudbury, Massachusetts mid 1600’s. Includes ancestry of many New England families. Originally published 1982. Updated version published, 1992.

The descendants of James E Bruce by Wilbur R. Wegener.

The descendants of James E Bruce, b 1781. Published [St. Louis, MO] : W.R. Wegener, 1986.

Memoirs by James Cabell Bruce

This is a biography on James C. Bruce, 1892-1980. Published 1975.

Some inter marriages of some old Springfield, Ohio families by Mrs. William Bruce

This is about family relations of the Bruce, Cummings, and Ultes families. Published 1967.

The life of Mary Grant Bruce by Alison Alexander

This is a biography on Mary Bruce, Published 1979.

Those Swedish Bruces (Bruses) by William E. Bruce

Bruce family history of Wisconsin and upper Michigan. Published 1980.

The Bruces of Choctaw County, Mississippi and their ancestry by James Plemon Coleman

These Bruces are descendants of James Bruce of Pendleton District, South Carolina through his grandson Abraham Bruce. Published 1982.

Robert Bruce and Catherine Cearley by Lawrence Little & Floy S. Brady

These Bruces are descendants of James Bruce of Pendleton District, South Carolina through his grandson Jonathon Bruce. Published 1989.

The Huttons including the Bruces, by Edward Hutton.

The Huttons of Southern Indiana, 1765-1998, INcluding Bruces, Jacksons, Drehobls, Ashcrafts, Fines and Others. OH Priv Prtd 1998.

The Tyner Family, 1704-1971, by Peggy Tyner Townsend.

The Tyner Family, 1704-1971, and Bruce relations in Robeson Co., N.C. 1972.

Upton Memorial, by John Adams Vinton.

Upton memorial. A genealogical record of the descendants of John Upton, of North Reading, Mass. … together with short genealogies of the Putnam, Stone and Bruce families. Bath, Me., Printed for private use at the office of E. Upton & son, 1874. .

Yosemite's forgotten pioneers, by Annie Reynolds.

Yosemite’s forgotten pioneers : the Bruces of Wawona / Annie Reynolds & Thomas Bruce Phillips. El Portal, CA : Chilnualna Books, c1999.

William Thatcher Bruce, by Claudia Evelyn Skerry Cridland.

William Thatcher Bruce, Jr., of Newfane & Brattleboro, Vermont & Walpole, Massachusetts : his ancestors & some of his descendants : a descendant of Thomas Bruce of Sudbury, Massachusetts compiled by his granddaughter, Claudia Evelyn Skerry Cridland. [Bolton, Mass.] : C.E.S. Cridland, c2000. .

Pittard family history, by Anne Clark Bowden.

Pittard family history : including pedigree charts and group sheets of the Clark, Bruce, Sheppard, Tanner & Cole families from VA to NC to GA / by Anne Clark Bowden. Published by A.C. Bowden, 1993.

The Bruce family of Kitley Township, Leeds County, Ontario, 1823-1974 by Wilfred Bruce.

The Bruce family of Kitley Township, Leeds County, Ontario, 1823-1974 / Wilfred Bruce. Published 1974.

Lord Bruce, the London Years, by Alfred Thorpe Sterling.

Lord Bruce, the London Years. Hawthorn Press, Melbourne, Australia, 1974.

Lord Bruce of Melbourne by I. M. Cumpston

Biography of former Prime Minister of Australia Stanley Bruce. Published 1989.

Greendale Genesis. The Bruce Family History by Robert M.G. Bruce

Greendale Genesis. The Bruce Family History: Brief history of the lives and descendants of David and Dolina Bruce (nee Gunn), two Scottish Highlanders who emigrated to South Australia in 1877 and crossed the Tasman to Canterbury in New Zealand about a year later. 1877-1984.

Life in the Hinterland of the South Island by George Bruce.

New Zealand
This is a biography on George Alexander Bruce, 1888-1961, pioneer life in New Zealand. Published 1977.

The Bruce Web

The Bruce Web by Thomas Allen Bruce
This book references James Bruce of Virginia, b. 1768 and related families of the Southern States of USA. Descendants of James Bruce and Lucracia “Lucy” Gaines. Published 1984.