Family of Bruce Grants

Family of Bruce International, Incorporated is a chapter 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization   In addition to our annual academic scholarship, and as part of our Charitable Operations, we also provide grants for a variety of Scottish related activities, at the request of a member, and upon approval of the Board of Directors.  Examples of grants in the past have included sponsoring trophies at Scottish Games and competitions to be awarded in our name for athletics, piping, harp competitions, and Highland dance.   Others examples include: subsidizing piping or dance lessons for aspiring competitors; helping pay for costumes needed for Scottish activities, such as dance, for needy competitors; helping sponsor artwork for Scottish activities; contributing to expenses for individuals traveling to Scottish events or activities in Scotland when they could not otherwise afford those expenses.  These are just a few examples of what we have done in the past.  Members can request grant monies for their own or their community’s projects by contacting Robert James Bruce, Vice President of Family of Bruce, who is also our Charitable Operations Coordinator.  Robert will bring them to the Board for consideration.  We encourage all members to keep this benefit of membership in mind for their families and communities.