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A Scottish heritage organization for the name and family of Bruce

Welcome to Family of Bruce International!

Ceud mle fàilte!  (Gaelic for a hundred thousand welcomes!)  We are happy to have you visit our site and explore our Family and organization.  The purpose of Family of Bruce International was well stated by our Chief, Lord Elgin, Andrew Douglas Alexander Thomas Bruce the 11th Earl of Elgin and 15th Earl of Kincardine:

“To develop interest in the Family and its history, to create a spirit of kinship among its members, and to record with pride the accomplishments of individual members of the Family for the next 1000 years.”

King Robert the Bruce statue at Bannockburn site

Kincardine Ontario Clan Parade with Lord Bruce

What we do

Our bylaws also set out the reasons we exist:
Charitable, benevolent, patriotic, civic, educational, social, and aesthetic activities related to the preservation of the genealogy of the Scottish family of Bruce, preservation of the history of the Scottish family of Bruce and the family’s role in the development of Scotland and elsewhere, preservation of the role of the Scottish and North American families of Bruce in the history of the United States and Canada, and of the preservation of Scottish heritage and culture in general as well as the role of Scottish-Americans in the history of the United States and Canada. We shall also promote activities to preserve Scottish heritage and culture including, but not limited to educational scholarships and awards, music scholarships and awards, and the preservation of historical buildings and landmarks in the United States and abroad.

Non Profit Organization

We are incorporated in the state of Texas and are a Chapter 501(c)(3) tax exempt non-profit organization.  We would love to have you explore our website, and, if you are not already a member, consider joining Family of Bruce International as a regular member, based on your Bruce lineage, or as an associate member, based simply upon your interest in history.

Burial site of King Robert’s heart at Melrose Abbey

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