Carl A. Compton Jr.

My name is Carl A. “Chip” Compton Jr.
I was born and raised in Central Ney York (Syracuse area…dead center in the middle of the state).
My mother always said that we had Scot in us but never much more then that, my grandmothers maiden name was Bruce, but who knew as a kid what that meant. Until I got married, I never really pursued my ancestry, but found out that I had Ross on my fathers’ side and my wife was a Ross. This combination introduced me to the Celtic festival “circuit”. I learned more about both sides of my family through my nephew’s research, DNA testing of my parents and myself and a life change. This brought to light the desire to pursue my Bruce roots. I joined the Family Of Bruce International and decided to become a Games Host last year, my experience as a Games Host for Ross enabled me to go in full bore and really enjoy the experience as a Bruce. I love the learning experience of listening to others and sharing my knowledge of the Family of Bruce with them. I am proud of my heritage and I am honored to be a part of the Family of Bruce International and represent it throughout Upstate New York.

Carl A. “Chip” Compton Jr.