Scottish Oriented Business

The following businesses are known to one or more “Family of Bruce International, Inc. USA”, board members as among those who provide quality merchandise at fair and reasonable prices, and who have proven to be trustworthy in their business practices.  Several of them provide discounts and/or other incentives to FOBI members.  Please identify yourself as an FOBI member when ordering.  (NOTE: shipping from the UK tends to be quite expensive.  It would be wise to bring items back with you or with a traveling friend.)  FOBI does not guarantee their merchandise or business performance, nor does this listing constitute an endorsement.  We simply offer this information as a service to our membership.

SCOTLAND FOREVER:  Owned and operated by Roxie D. Palczer, a member of FOBI, this Texas firm offers a wide variety of Scottish goods to outfit an American of Scots heritage with whatever is needed to look and play that role.    Wedding arrangements including kilt outfit rentals, gifts and accessories are a specialty.  They can also outfit pipers and pipe bands with all necessaries.  Identify yourself as an FOBI member and receive a 10% discount on your purchases.  1-888-434-5800 or 1-972-562-4422.  Phone for specific address.  E-mail

  1. CROIX WEAVING: This business, owned and operated by Nola Walter and Layton Traver, is located in Hudson, Wisconsin. They can skillfully weave virtually any tartan that has been approved by the Scottish Tartan Authority (homespun style).  They make scarves, shawls, placemats, table covers, purses, and other items to order in cotton, tinsel or silk.  They have done custom weaves in both Bruce Modern and Bruce Ancient tartans.  A 5% discount is available to groups of four or more ordering the same material and tartan.  1-715-381-5224   e-mail

UNICORN LIMITED:  A fine source for print material/literature on Scottish and Scottish American families, books, bagpipe music, history & culture.  A large searchable database makes finding what most interests you easy to do.  E-mail newsletter available.  Identify yourself as a FOBI member and receive a 10% discount on your purchases.  e-mail

RAINNEA:  makers of fine jewelry, wedding rings and sgian dubhs.  Run by Rab and Tanya Gordon in Drumnadrochit, Scotland near Loch Ness.  They take commissions on items they make, and have a limited stock of items available online.  Their sgian dubhs are made from a variety of materials and include stainless or Damascus steel blades.  Handles come in carved oak and other woods.  Pommel stones in unique designs are provided.  They will work with you to provide exactly what you want.  Prices are reasonable considering materials and workmanship.  They offer free engraving of blades with the Bruce motto (fuimus) and initials/name to FOBI members (a 25 pound value).

LOCH CARRON OF SCOTLAND:  This internationally known manufacturer and supplier of tartan fabric and knitwear is a wholesaler to retail outlets here in the USA.  They are obviously and primarily, a textile firm.  There is a retail store and visitor center in Scotland (Selkirk).  This is the company which wove the “Bruce Ancient” tartan worn by our chief and his family.  Look for their products at the retailers on our list. 1-603-356-3369 USA phone number and address 1618 White Mt. Highway N., Conway, NH  03860.  e-mail

THE STRATHLEVEN ARTIZANS:  This is a group of skilled artists who from time to time produce and sell very unique products, most of which have something to do with Bruce history.  Located in Renton, Scotland, they are primarily involved in various cultural, historical and interpretive activities and are not a “business” in the sense we usually apply here in the USA.  Our Chief, Lord Elgin, is their patron.  Their website is full of history and historic oriented activities.  Any products they may have to sell from time to time can be found on their website.  All Bruce’s who visit them are given a warm welcome.  Allow more than normal time for shipping.

THE CELTIC CROFT:  Located in a suburb of Minneapolis, Joseph and Laurie Croft own this business which provides a wide variety of Scottish (and broadly Celtic) goods ranging from custom measured fine wool kilts to all of the accoutrements, fabric, gifts and other kit necessaries.  They also do kilt and kilt outfit rentals.  They produce a printed catalog and have an extensive website.  You will find them at various Scottish Games throughout the upper-Midwest.  Mention the code phrase “FamilyofBruce” when ordering and receive a 10% discount.  8451 Xerxes Ave. N., Brooklyn Park, MN 55444.  Website:, E-mail, phone 763-569-4373.



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