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Rodney Bruce

Rodney Bruce serves FOBI as Operations Officer. Prior to being Operations Officer, he was the editor of the Blue Lion until the two Bruce organizations merged. He is married to Gerda and they have six children and five grandchildren. They currently live in Greenup, KY. When their children were young, they were present at most of the Stone Mountain games since 1997. All but one have left their forest retreat to live and work in large cities, such as Los Angeles, Lexington, KY and Laredo, TX. Their middle daughter, Annemieke, has taken off across the Atlantic to dance professionally in Europe. He and his family journeyed to Scotland to participate in the 700th Anniversary of the Coronation of King Robert and a second time for the Anniversary of the Battle of Bannock Burn. They have also experienced the generous hospitality of Lord Elgin and his family during these trips. Rodney has five brothers and a sister, all living. His eldest brother, Richard, is a past president of the organization and serves as High Commissioner for FOBI.