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    Family of Bruce International, Inc.

    Serving the Members of the Name and Family of BRUCE throughout the World

    The purposes of the Family of Bruce International, Inc., as stated by the Right Honorable Earl of Elgin and Kincardine are: "to develop interest in the Family and its history, to create a spirit of kinship among its members, and to record with pride the accomplishments of individual members of the Family for the next 1000 years."
    REGULAR MEMBERSHIP: Open to all persons of Scottish descent who bear the name of Bruce, or its recognized septs, or whose mother or grandmother bore such surname. The recognized septs of Bruce are Carlisle, Carruthers, Crosbie, Randolph, and Stenhouse, regardless of spelling.
    ASSOCIATE MEMBERSHIP: Open to all non-Bruce individuals who wish to associate themselves with us.

    Annual Membership $25.00Life Membership (Ages 18-34) $350.00Life Membership (Ages 35-69) $300.00Life Membership (Ages 70-over) $200.00

    Dues: Annual - $25.00 - January 1st through December 31st for individual or family membership, which includes all immediate family members up to age 18.
    Life Membership is prorated by age: ages 18-34 - $350.00, ages 35--69 – $300, and ages 70-up - $200. Life Membership shall confer membership for the life of the member and spouse and exempt that member from all future payment of annual dues.

    Applications, checks, and money orders for dues are payable to “Family of Bruce International, Inc. [USA]” and are sent to:

    Polly Bruce Tilford, Secretary
    Family of Bruce International, Inc. [USA]
    5561 E. Earl Young Road
    Bloomington, Indiana 47408

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    I/We hereby apply for membership in FAMILY OF BRUCE INTERNATIONAL, INC as indicated above and acknowledged the Right Honourable Earl of Elgin and Kincardine as Chief of the Name of Bruce.
    The Blue Lion E-Magazine in full color will be sent via E-Mail.
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