House Of Bruce

Bruce Family Timeline for various Bruce lineages

Researched and compiled by Thomas B. Bruce, former webmaster for Family of Bruce.  Many thanks for his tremendous work on this.

Est. Timeline Norway
721 AD Thebotaw, Duke of Sleswick and Stermace m. 2nd Ascrida, daughter of Rognvald, son of Olaus, King of Norway and had two sons.
Sigurt, m. Jocunda daughter of Olaus King of the Danes in Dublin. Sigurt was granted the lands of Orkneys and Shetlands and became their first Jarl or Earl. He had one son, Gulturm who succeeded to the Earldom of the Orkneys and Sheltand but died without an heir. The Earldom then reverted to his uncle – then a very old man.

Rognvald On the death of his father he succeeded to the lands of North and South Morei in addition to the lands of his nephew Gulturm. Rognvald had 5 sons: Eynor, Hallad, Rollo

880 AD Hallad Became Earl of Orkney but fled to Norway because of the treachery of the Vikings. He gave the Earldom to his brother Eynor.

Rollo Became conqueror and Duke of Normandy.

Eynor – aka Turf Eynor – because he taught the islanders how to cut and burn turf, was one eyed and famed for his cunning. He was succeeded by his son Thorfin Hussakliffer.

963 AD Thorfin m. Gariola daughter of Duncan Earl of Caithness. He had 5 sons: 4 sons listed Arfin, Havard, Liot, Lodovic.
Arfin m. Ragnhilda and was murdered by her who afterwards married his brother Havard.

Havard was slain in battle.

Liot was slain by the Vikings in a sea battle.

Lodovic m. 1st Effrica daughter of somerlid, Prince of the Isle of Man.
m. 2nd Audna daughter of Kiaval King of Ireland. Had a son Sigurt II.

Sigurt II m. 1st Thora only daughter of Hakon (The Good) and had 3 sons: Somerlid, Brusei, Eynor.

m 2nd Alice daughter of Brian Biorn, King of Ireland and had one son Torphin.



Brusee, m. Ostrida of Gothland, went to Norway to the court of Olaf (The Saint) and took his son Earl of Caithness and Sunderland, died in 1033.

1034 ROGNVALD was the General in the Army of King Olaf in Norway. He saved Harald Hardraada, Olaf’s son, and later went to Russia in attendance on Princess ingridada and was given the towns and lordship of Ladoga in Russia. He died 1046. He had 3 sons: Somerlid, Eyliff, and Ulf in Russia. The latter went to Normandy converted to Christians and took the names (Eyliff – Regenvald and Ulf – Robert Brusee).
Regenvald m. 2nd Felicia daughter of the Lord of Hastings.

Robert Brusee m. Emma daughter of Allan, Lord of Brittany. He built the castle of Brus now Brix in the Cherbourg Peninsula. They had 3 sons: Alan, Adam, and William.

1051 Alan remained in Normandy and from whom the present Baron de Bruce of Brix is the direct line and thus the senior of the House of Bruce.

William came over with the Duke of Normandy, William the Bastard, and was granted many lordships among them that of Bremner in Sussex.

Adam came over to England in 1050 in attendance of Queen Emma, daughter of Richard I, and was granted many lordships, among them being Cleveland in Yorkshire and from Malcolm of Scotland that of Annandale in that land in 1066. He married Emma daughter of William Ramsay and had 3 sons: Robert, William, and Duncan, one daughter Rosselina.

1100 William Prior of Gisboro.

Duncan returned to Normandy and was killed in a crusade.

Robert Lord of Skelton, m. Agnes St. Clair daughter of Fulk de Paganell and had 2 sons: Adam and Robert. He died in 1094.

1138 Adam 2nd Lord of Skelton, inherited all lands in England from his father and whose male line died out in 1271.

Sequence of descendants: Adam 3rd, Peter 4th, Peter 5th, sons: Peter 6th and Roger, Peter 7th (no male heir, died 1271).

Robert 1st Lord of Annandale, m. Euphemia and was given the lands of Annandale and Lordship. He died in 1171. He had 2 sons: Robert and William and a daughter, Agatha.

1200 Robert 2nd Lord Bruce of Annandale, m. Isabel daughter of William the Lion King of Scots and died in 1194 with no male heir.

William (d 1215) 3rd Lord Bruce of Annandale, married Christina and had 3 sons: Robert, William and John.

1230 Robert Bruce, 4th Lord Bruce of Annandale, died in 1245 and married 1st Isabel of Huntingdon, daughter of David Earl of Huntingdon, who died in 1252. He had a son, Robert, and a daughter, Beatrice. (David of Huntingdon was the brother to “William the Lion” and Malcolm IV, King of Scots, and grandson of David the I, King of Scotland) Through this union the throne of Scotland was established.
1230 Sir Robert Bruce, 5th Lord Bruce of Annandale, born 1210, died on March 31, 1295. In May, 1240 married 1st Isabella de Clare who was born on Nov. 2, 1226. Married 2nd Christina daughter of Sir William de Ireby. He had 4 sons: Robert, William, Bernard (left an only son Sir John Bruce, of Exton, he had left a female heir), and Richard. His claim to the throne was rejected by Edward I of England in favor of John Baliol.
Sir Robert Bruce, 6th Lord Bruce of Annandale and (gave title to his son upon his wife’s death in 1292) Earl of Carrick, born in July 1243 and died in 1304. In 1271, married Marjorie, Countess of Carrick, daughter of Neil, 2nd Earl of Carrick. He had 4 sons: Robert, Edward, Thomas, and Nigel; 5 daughters: Isobel, Mary, Christina, Maud, and Margaret.
1300 ROBERT “THE BRUCE” I, 4th Earl of Carrick, 7th Lord Bruce of Annandale, King of Scots.

Edward became King Of Ireland but was slain in battle of Dundalk, 14 October 1318. Speculation as to whether he had any children or not. Some say he had two sons, one of which was Thomas ancestor of Bruces of Clackmannan.

Nigel was captured and murdered by the English.

Thomas was captured and murdered by the English. This is questionable if he had one son Thomas.

Isobel married Thomas Randolph of Straithnith.

Mary married Neil Campbell of Lochow.

Christina married Andrew Moray.

Maud married Hugh of Ross.

Margaret married William Carlyle.

1320 ROBERT “THE BRUCE” I, (1274 – 1329) 4th Earl of Carrick, 7th Lord Bruce of Annandale, King of Scots, was born on July 11 (some records say 12th) 1274 and died on June 7, 1329. He married, 1st Isabel of Mar, who died in 1297, they had one daughter Marjorie. How many illegitimate children he had is not known, but many sources claim he had a few, one being Robert who later became Robert of Clackmannan.

Marjorie married Walter 6th High Steward. They had a son Robert Stewart, aka King Robert II.

Married 2nd Elizabeth de Burgh of Ulster. They had one son, David and 2 daughters: Matilda and Margaret.

David BRUCE II, Lord Bruce, King of Scots, was born on March 5, 1324 and died in 1371. He married, first, Joanna daughter of King Edward II of England (no heirs); and married, second, to Margaret Drummond (no heirs). The title passed to his sister Marjory and husband Walter, 6th High Steward of Scotland, son Robert Stuart, Robert II. The present day House of Windsor is descended from this line. David Bruce, made deed to his “nephew” (which could mean cousin as well) a Thomas Bruce of Clackmannan.




1320 Sir Thomas Bruce, 1st Baron of Clackmannan married Marjorie Charteris of Stenhouse. Received the lands of Clackmannan from his cousin King Robert II as a reward for which he was granted for organising a rising against English rule in 1334. He died in 1358/9.

Note: Many Bruces today descend from many of these family branches, that started with this Thomas Bruce. It is questionable as to who Thomas’ father was. Some say from King Robert’s brother Edward’s son Thomas; others say from Robert Bruce, a cousin or illegitimate son of King Robert and some say another Thomas Bruce of Clackmannan (nephew of King David Bruce). Whichever it may be, we will never know for sure. However, he was a descendant of the Scottish Bruces.

1360 Robert Bruce, 2nd Baron of Clackmannan & Rate, who married Isabel Stewart, daughter of Robert Stewart of Durisdeer, Fife. They had 5 sons: Robert, Edward, James, Alexander, and a daughter Helen. Robert received from his cousin King David II, land in Clackmannan 1359 and Rate 1367. He died in 1403.
1390 Sir Robert Bruce, 3rd Baron of Clackmannan & Rate, who married a daughter of John Scrimgeour of Dudhope. They had a son: David who succeeded. Robert also had another son, but from another woman, unknown, Thomas (of Wester Kennet). (The latter is up for debate as far as who was his mother, but his father was Robert)

Edward Bruce, m before 1417 Agnes daughter and co-heir of Sir William Airth of Airth. Ancestor of Airth and Stenhouse, Earlshall, Bunzion, Kinloch remained in this family. Received lands of Rate 1393.

Alexander Bruce, ancestor of the Bruces of Garbot.

James, became a monk in rectory in Kilmenie in Fife, d. 1447.

Helen m. David Ross of Balnagowan.

Sir David Bruce, 4th Baron of Clackmannan & Rate, who married Jean Stewart daughter of Sir John Stewart of Lorn and Innermeath. They had 2 sons: John and Patrick of Newton (Patrick received lands in Perthshire in 1449).
1450 John Bruce, 5th Baron of Clackmannan & Rate, d. 1473 who married Elizabeth Stewart daughter of David Stewart of Rossyth. They had 2 sons, possibly more: David and Robert – ancestor of the Bruces of Cultmalindie in Perthshire.
1480 Sir David Bruce, 6th Baron of Clackmannan & Rate, d. abt 1506, who married 1st Janet Stirling daughter of Sir William Stirling of Keir. They had a son *Robert. 2nd marriage was to Mariot Herries daughter of Robert Herries of Terregles. They had a son **David and daughter Christian (whom married Sir James Shaw of Sauchie).

*Robert Bruce of Rate, m. Elizabeth Lindsay, received lands of Rate confirmed 1488 and his son,

David Bruce of Rate, ancestor of the Bruces of Fingask, m. Janet Arnot, resigned his right to Clackmannan in 1506/7 and the title passed to his uncle **David who was also the son of David 6th Baron, but his 2nd wife Marion Herries.

1500 **Sir David Bruce, 7th Baron of Clackmannan, who married Janet Blackadder daughter of Sir Patrick Blackadder of Tulliallan. They had 5 sons: John, Edward, Robert, David, Patrick; 4 daughters: Elizabeth, Mariot, Agnes, and Allison.

John, predeceased his father, leaving a son

Sir Robert, 8th Baron of Clackmannan.

Edward, of Blairhall and Easter Kennet (1505 – 1565). He married Allison/Cristina Reid and had 4 sons and two daughters.

Robert of Blairhall and Easter Kennet – ancestor of Kinross, Blairhall, balcaskie,
Edward – ancestor of Kinloss, Elgin, and Ailesbury,
George of Carnock – ancestor of Kincardine,
William Bruce had a son Edward Bruce who received lands of Cothill & Collestoun in Bellhevie in Aberdeenshire in 1609.

Patrick, of Green and Valleyfield in Perthshire in 1542 m. Margaret Falconer.

Robert, of Lynmiln. He had a son, Robert and a daughter, Marjorie. More to come on this line.

David, of Green. Had a son, Archibald, ancestor of the Bruces of Kennet.

Alison, m. Sir James Colville of Easter Wemyss.

Elizabeth, m. 1st Alexander Dundas of Fingask and 2nd to Robert Collace of Balnamoon.

Mariot, m. 1st sir Robert Bruce of Airth and 2nd to Marcus Sinclair of Carberry.

Agnes, m. Sir James Cunningham of Polmaise.

1550 Sir Robert Bruce, 8th Baron of Clackmannan m. Janet Livingston. He had two sons, Robert and Henry, and maybe a George Bruce of Harperland.
1620 Robert Bruce, 10th Baron of Clackmannan died and his brother, henry, took the title.
1640 Henry Bruce, 11th Baron of Clackmannan, who married 1st Mary Shane daughter of Sir Alexander Shane of Sauchie, 2nd to Ann Ramsay daughter of Earl of Dalhousie. By the former they had 3 sons: David, John, and Henry.

David, 12th Baron of Clackmannan, m. Margaret McKenzie daughter of George Earl of Cromarty, but had no children.

John, m. Ann Robertson daughter of Archibald Robertson of Bedley. They had one daughter Margaret who m. John Forbes of Newhall.

Henry Bruce, 13th Baron of Clackmannan, who married Jean Bruce daughter of Alexander Bruce of Kinnaird. They had 2 sons Alexander and Henry and a daughter janet.

Alexander, predeceased his father.


Janet, m. William Bruce of Newton, afterwards of Cowden.

Henry Bruce, 14th of Clackmannan, heir by death of his brother Alexander, married Catherine Bruce daughter of Alexander Bruce of Newton. They had no heirs and the title went to his sister Janet and her husband William Bruce of Newton. They had 2 sons Henry and William, 2 daughters Jean and Sarah. Henry died unmarried as well as the daughters.

William succeeded the estate of Cowden and m. Margaret Oliver daughter of Dr. Robert Oliver. This line died out with their daughter Margaret ending the Clackmannan line in the late 1700s.

Airth and Stenhouse

1400 Robert Bruce, of Airth m. a daughter of Sir Alexander Livingstone of Callender. They had 2 sons: Alexander and Robert, Might be the ancestor of the Bruces of Auchinbowie.
Sir Alexander Bruce, of Airth m. Margaret daughter of Sir Malcolm Forrester of Torwood. Eldest son John, below, succeeded Stenhouse and his brother Alexander was the ancestor of the Brigham and Earlshall.
John Bruce, m. Elizabeth daughter of Sir William Menteith of Kerse. They had two sons: Robert and Andrew, ancestor of the Bruces of Powfoulis.
1450 Sir Robert Bruce d. 1513 , m. Euphemia daughter of Alexander Lord Montgomery. He succeeded his father in Stenhouse in 1483 and his grandfather in Airth in 1488.
1520 Sir Robert Bruce d. 1548, m. 1st Janet daughter of Sir Walter Forrester of Carden. They had 2 sons: Alexander, below, and Robert of Baldrig; m. 2nd Marion daughter of Sir David Bruce 7th of Clackmannan.
Sir Alexander Bruce, 3rd of Airth d March 1600, m. Janet daughter of Alexander 5th of Livingstone. They had 5 sons:
William see below,
Alexander Bruce of Bangour, He had a son Alexander
, John (had Kincavel and Westboreland in Denny) had a son Alexander who m. Barbara Bailie. Possible Bruce ancestor of Kincavil.
, Robert who became 1st of Kinnaird,
James, d. abt 1618 who was a captain m. Marjory Edminston and had a son Alexander.And 2 daughters.
1580 William Bruce d bef. 1597, m. in 1582, Jane daughter of 5th Lord Fleming. They had 4 sons: John, William, Alexander and Patrick. See below.
1600 John Bruce, of Airth m. in 1601, Margaret daughter of 4th Lord of Elphinestone. They had Alexander Bruce who m. Anna Vaneck and their one son Alexander died without a male heir, and went to his sister Jean who married in 1674, Richard Elphinstone of Calder Hill. The title of Airth went to Graham family and the title of Stenhouse went to his brother William.

William Bruce, obtained Stenhouse from his grandfather in 1611 and was created a baronet of Nova Scotia Sept. 29, 1628. Married 1st the daughter of General Middleton of Letham and 2nd to Rachel Johnston. They had 2 sons: William and Charles.

Patrick Bruce, of Newton, ancestor of the Bruce of Downhill, married Janet Jackson.

Sir William Bruce, 2nd Baronet, b. 1621, m. Helen daughter of Sir William Douglas of Cavers. They had a son: William.

Charles Bruce, whom the Russian General Romulus Bruce and Prussian Peter Bruce are descended.

1650 William Bruce, 3rd Baronet, b. 1661, m. 1st Jean Fortune and 2nd Alison Turnbull.
William Bruce, 4th Baronet m. Margaret daughter of Sir John Boyd of Trochrg and died 1721. From his 4th son are descended the Compte de Bruces of Paris. His second son, Michael, succeeded him.
Sir Robert Bruce, 5th Baronet, died reverted to his brother.

Sir Michael Bruce, d. 1795, 6th Baronet m. Mary daughter of General Sir Andrew Agnew of Lochnaw. They had 6 sons and 7 daughters.

His eldest son William succeeded.

Sir William Bruce, d. 1827, 7th Baronet m. Anne daughter of Sir William Cunningham Fairlie. They had 3 sons: Michael, William, and Alexander.
1795 Sir Michael Bruce, 8th Baronet m. isabella daughter of Alexander Moir of Scotstoun. The title went to his nephew William Cunningham Bruce, son of his brother *William.

*William Bruce, b. 1798 d 1842, m. Jane Catherine daughter of William Clark of London. They had 3 sons and 2 daughters. His son William took the title.

Alexander Farlie Bruce, m Marion Harriet Cathcart.

1825 William Cunningham Bruce, b. 1825 d 1906, 9th Baronet m. Charlotte daughter of Waller O’Grady. They had 1 son and 2 daughters.
1900 William Waller Bruce, b. 1856 d. 1912, 10th Baronet m. Angelica Mary daughter of general George Selby, Royal Artillery. They had 2 sons.
1953 Sir Michael William Selby Bruce, b. 1894 d 1957, 11th Baronet, m. 1st Dorren Dalziel daughter of Major W. F. Grenwell. His eldest son Michael Francis Ian Bruce succeeded. He married 2nd Constance Elizabeth daughter of Frank Plummer of Toronto had one daughter Corinna Mary Constance Bruce. He married again Margaret Helen daughter of Arthur Lennon Binns, and had one son Michael David Lennon Bruce.

Michael Francis Ian Bruce.

Corinna Mary Constance Bruce m. 1st Ian Temple Athol Thorne on June 12 1965, had a daughter Claire Alizon (Kika) born in Toronto, Ontario on June 11,1964, and a son Michael Anthony Stenhouse born in Albenga, Italy, on September 13, 1966. Married 2nd in 1984 to John Michael Gilliland of Victoria, British Columbia.

Michael David Lennon Bruce m. 1st to Diny Van Beers in 1974. They have two sons Sean and Ryan. Married 2nd to Janis Bracewell.

William Nigel Ernle Bruce, m. Violet daughter of Col. Wilington Shelton of Buree , Co. Limerick.

Present Sir Michael Francis Ian Bruce, 12th Baronet m. 1st Barbara Stevens daughter of Francis J. Lynch of New York. He has 2 sons: Michael and Robert.

Powfoulis (in the parish of Airth)

1510 Andrew Bruce, 1st of Powfoulis, grandson of Alexander Bruce, 1st of Stenhouse. m. abt. 1531, Janet daughter of Alexander Napier. Had sons: Andrew, Archibald, Ninian.

Ninian Bruce, portioner of Dryburgh, m. Barbara Cairncross and d. abt. 1618. No children of record.

1530 Archibald Bruce, 2nd of Powfoulis, m. 1st Jayne Gib and 2nd abt 1570 Marjorie Napier. By the latter had two sons James and Robert.

Robert Bruce m. 9/13/1599, Christian Arnot and had Archibald Bruce who m. abt. 1626 Katherine Anderson.

1550 James Bruce, 3rd of Powfoulis, m. abt. 1608, Margaret Rollox of Duncrab.
1580 Bruce, 4th of Powfoulis, m.
1600 James Bruce, 5th of Powfoulis, killed abt. 1650 in the Battle of Dunbar against Oliver Cromwell. He had a son James.
1660 James Bruce, 6th of Powfoulis, m. Janet and had a son David.
1710 David Bruce, 7th of Powfoulis, m. and had two sons, one being James.
1770 James Bruce, 8th of Powfoulis, m.
1820 James Bruce, 9th of Powfoulis, m. abt. 1820, Ann Bell. They had two sons: John and Alexander (who was a Colonel in the Bengal Army and died July 28, 1896) and two daughters Helen (d. October 28, 1891) and Mary (d. March 29, 1878). He died about 1845.
1820 John Bruce, 10th of Powfoulis,


Kinnaird (There are some different lineages of record, but this one is believed to be somewhat accurate.)
1580 Robert Bruce, 1st of Kinnaird, (1559-1631), younger son of Alexander Bruce and Janet Livingstone of Airth, was a Presbyterian clergyman of note during the reign of James VI. He likely married Martha Douglas. They had one son Robert.
1620 Robert Bruce, 2nd of Kinnaird, was killed in 1645. He had one son, Robert and one daughter, Jean, who married Rev. Michael Bruce, Min of Killinchy, in 1659, (son of Patrick Bruce of Newton).
1660 Robert Bruce of Life Gds. d. 1650, had an only heir and daughter, Helen, who married David Hay of Woodcockdale. Helen retained the name of Bruce and therefore he became David Hay-Bruce, and retained the title of Kinnaird.
They had a son, David Hay-Bruce who married a daughter of James Graham, Esq. of Airth. Their son, James “Hay” Bruce was the famous African Traveler and discover of the white Nile. James had 6 brothers and 2 sisters, from his father’s second marriage.

Blairhall (in the parish of Culross) and Kinross

1620 Robert Bruce of Blairhall married Margaret daughter of John Hamilton. They had two sons Robert and George Bruce.
1660 Robert Bruce of Blairhall married Katherine daughter of John Preston of ValleyField, They had two sons Thomas and William and a daughter Christian who married Alexander Bruce 4th Earl of Kincardine.

Thomas Bruce of Blairhall, d. bef. 1727 m. about 1648 Jean daughter of John Henderson. They had two sons: John and Alexander, and two daughters: Margaret and Catherine.

John Bruce of Blairhall m. Jean daughter of James Leslie and had one daughter Mary Bruce who m. Dougal Stewart of Blairhall.

Alexander Bruce, 3rd Bart of Kinross m. Katherine daughter of Robert Stewart.

Margaret Bruce m. John Aytoun.

Catherine Bruce m. abt. 1685 William Graham, of Airth and Menteith.

1680 William Bruce, 1st Baronet of Kinross, the famed architect b. abt 1630 and d.1710, married Mary daughter of James Halket, abt 1684 had son John and and daughter Anna (who married 1st Thomas Hope 4th of Craighall and married 2nd John Carstairs of Kilconquhar). The title of Kinross passed to the Hope family in which they took the name as well, Thomas Bruce-Hope; 2nd m. Magdalen Scott.
1700 John Bruce 2nd baronet of Kinross, d. bef 1722, m. 1687 Christian Leslie , Marchioness of Montrose, daughter of the Duke of Rothes.

Kennet, Lord Balfour of Burleigh

Wester Kennet (AKA Kennet)
1400 Thomas Bruce of Wester Kennet, son of Robert Bruce, 3rd of Clackmannan and younger brother to David, 4th of Clackmannan. He had a son, Peter. According to the, Notable British Families, 1600s-1900s Commoners of Great Britain and Ireland, Vol. II, it says his son was Thomas. This timeline will use Peter.
1430 Peter Bruce of Wester Kennet, He had a son, David.
1470 David Bruce of Wester Kennet, d bef. 1496, married Agnes Redhach. Also, married 2nd to Margaret Kininmonth. He had fours sons, Patrick, Thomas, John (died abt. 1556 and brother took the title) and Robert.
1520 ^Robert Bruce of Wester Kennet, He had a daughter and heiress, Margaret, who married Archibald Bruce, son of David Bruce of green who was the younger son of David 8th of Clackmannan.


1550 Kennet
1550 David Bruce, of Green, younger son of David 8th Baron of Clackmannan, was succeeded by his son Archilbald.
1570 Archibald Bruce, married 1st, June 16, 1568, Margaret (d 9/1579), only daughter and heir of ^Robert Bruce of Wester Kennet. By her he had Robert Bruce, below, who served heir to his mother and received the title of Kennet (The prefix Wester was dropped) in 1580. Also had two other sons: Archilbald and John. He married 2nd, Grizel Forrester in 1596.
1600 Robert Bruce of Kennet, married, July 3, 1599, Elizabeth, daughter of Alexander Gall/Gaw, in Fifeshire. They had a son Robert and possibly a son Andrew of Woodside. They also had two daughters: Margaret and Marjory.

Andrew Bruce of Woodside and Alloa, m. abt. 1657 Katherine Kay. They had a son Robert and one of the daughters was Christian.

Robert Bruce of Woodside
Christian Bruce

1630 Robert Bruce of Kennet and formerly of Shanbody, married, 1627, Anna, daughter of Patrick Murray, of Perdowie, and had six children: David, Alexander, Robert, Elizabeth, Mary, and Helen. He died abt. December, 1671.

Alexander – ancestor of the Bruces of Gartlet and Barbados.
+Robert – m. Isobel Patterson and was a merchant in Edinburgh. Ancestor of the Bruces of Blaen-Y-Cym.
Elizabeth – m. – Lt. Col. William Bruce.
Mary – m. – a Bruce of Comrie.
Helen – m. – John Brisbane M.D.

1650 David Bruce of Kennet and formerly of Shanbody, married, 1656, Margery, daughter of David Young, of Kirkton, Fife, and had six sons: David, Henry, Robert, James, Charles and George; and two daughters, Margaret and Mary. David succeeded.
1630 David Bruce of Kennet, died unmarried, before 1704 and was succeeded by his brother James Bruce.
1680 James Bruce of Kennet, married, 1690, Mary, daughter of Alexander Swinton, of Mersington. He attained the rank of Brigadier General and died August of 1728. They had 4 sons: Alexander, James, William-Henry, and John; and 3 daughters: Alice, Mary and Jean. Alexander Bruce succeeded.

James – m. and had issue.
William-Henry died issueless but married.
John – m. – Jean daughter of James Bruce of Powfolrs and had issue.
Alice (Alison) – m. 6/20/1718, George Dundas, 23rd of Dundas.
Jean – m. – John Edgar.

1710 Alexander Bruce of Kennet, married, Mary, daughter of Robert Balfour, 4th Lord of Burleigh. He fought in Queen Anne’s Wars and appointed Major of the regiment in support of the government in the town of Glasgow. He died August 8, 1747. Had 2 children, Robert and Margaret. Margaret m. Lawrence Dundas. Robert Bruce succeeded.
1750 Robert Bruce of Kennet, born December 24, 1718, married in 1754, Helen, daughter of George Abercromby, of Tullibody. He was the judge of the Court of Sessions by the title of Lord of Kennet 1764, and by Lord Justiciary, 1769. He died April 8, 1785. His son Alexander Bruce succeeded. They had six sons: Alexander, Lawerence-Dundas, James, Thomas, Ralph, and Burnet; and 2 daughters, Mary and Margaret
1790 Alexander Bruce of Kennet, born July 17, 1755, married in 1793, Hugh, daughter of Hugh Blackburn, of Glasglow. He died July 12, 1808. His son Robert Bruce succeeded. They had five sons: Robert, George-Abercromby, Hugh, Lawerence-Dundas, and William; and 2 daughters: Helen and Margaret.

George-Abercromby b abt 1798 – died in Tulloch, Jamaica, 11/14/1817.

1850 Robert Bruce of Kennet, married 1st April 12 1825, Anne, daughter of William Murray, of Touchadam and Polmaise. He married 2nd, April 22 1848, Jane Dalrymple Hamilton, daughter of James Fergusson, of Kilkerran. He died August 13, 1864. He claimed the title of Baron Balfour of Burleigh (from his great-grandmother, Mary, above), but died before receiving it, which then fell upon his son, Alexander Hugh Bruce. They also had a daughter.
1870 Alexander Hugh Bruce of Kennet, (1849 – 1921) 6th Lord of Balfour of Burleigh, married in 1876, Katherine Gordon, of the 5th Earl of Aberdeen. He had 2 sons and 2 daughters, Robert and George. Robert, was killed in Action at Le Chateau in W.W.I.
1890 George John Gordon Bruce, (10/1883 – 1967) 7th Lord of Balfour of Burleigh (11th with attainder), married in 1919, Dorothy Evelyn daughter of Richard Henry Done. They had 2 sons, Robert and George, and 3 daughters. He was succeeded by his son Robert upon his death in 1967.
1930 – present Robert Bruce, 8th Lord of Balfour of Burleigh (12th with attainder), born 1927, married in 1971 Jennifer Manasseh. He has 2 daughters. Heiress presumptive.

Kinloss, Ailesbury, Kincardine, and Elgin

Earls of Kincardine Line

1570 George Bruce of Carnock,, who married Margaret daughter of Archilbald Primrose. He was the burgess of Culross and portioner of Gellats. They had three sons: George, Alexander and Robert and four daughters: Anne, Magdalen, Christian, and Nicholas.

George Bruce m. Mary daughter of John Preston. He received lands of Sillietoun, wester Gellats, in Fife. They had two sons; Edward Bruce, 1st Earl of Kincardine by patent in 1647, and Alexander and three daughters: Margaret who m. John Lumisden, MAgdalen who m. Joh Arnot, and Mary who m. David, Lord of Cardross. Edward died unmarried and the title went to his brother.

Alexander Bruce, of Alva d 1638, received Nether Ingzever lands in Fife in 1637.

Robert Bruce of Broomhall m. Helen Skene and had one son Alexander and two daughters: Helen and Janet. His son *Alexander took the 4th Earl of Kincardine.

1650 Alexander Bruce, (1629-1680) 2nd of Kincardine, m. Veronica Sommersdlyk. They had 2 sons: Alexander and Charles(predeceased his father) and 3 daughters: Mary who m. William Cochrane, Ann m. David Murray, and Elizabeth who m. James Boswell.
Alexander Bruce, 3rd of Kincardine, Died unmarried and the tile passed to his cousin Alexander.
1700 *Alexander Bruce,(d 1715) 4th of Kincardine, m Christian daughter of Robert Bruce of Blairhall. They had three sons: Robert 5th, Alexander 6th (had a daughter, Jean m. John Napier), and Thomas 7th, see below; and five daughters: Janet, Christian, Helen, Mary and Veronica.
Thomas Bruce, (1663 – 1740) 7th of Kincardine, m Rachel daughter of Robert Pauncefort. They had two sons: William, see below, and Thomas; and three daughters: Sarah, Christian, and Rachel who m. James Drummond.
1740 William Bruce, (d 1740) 8th of Kincardine, m Jane Robertson. They had four sons: Charles, see below, William, James, and Thomas, died unmarried.
1760 *Charles, (6 July 1732 – 14 May 1771) 9th of Kincardine, gained the 5th title of Elgin.

Lord Kinloss, Earl of Ailesbury, and Earl of Elgin Line

1600 **Edward Bruce, (1548 – 14 January 1610) 1st Lord of Kinloss, who married Magdalen daughter of Alexander Clerk of Balbirny in Fife. They had 3 sons: Robert, Edward, Thomas and one daughter Christian. He received the lands of Pitkaine and Crowany in Fife in 1593. His son Edward Bruce became 2nd of Kinloss, but was killed in a duel in Holland 1613 by Edward Sackville, so the title reverted to his brother, Thomas.
1630 Thomas Bruce, (2 December 1599 – 21 December 1663) 1st Earl of Elgin and 3rd of Kinloss, who married Ann Chichester. They had one son Robert. He married 2nd Diana Exeter and had one daughter. Received Earl of Elgin in 1633 and also became Baron of Whorlton in York.
Robert Bruce, (1627 – 20 October 1685) 2nd Earl of Elgin, 1st of Ailesbury, 4th of Kinloss, who married Diane Grey. They had eight sons: The first five died young, Edward, Robert, Charles, Henry and Bernard; the surviving sons were Thomas, Robert and James and nine daughters: Diana who m. Seymoir Shirley, Anne m. William Rich, Christian m. John Rolle, Mary m. William Walters, Arabella, Ann Charlotte m. Nicholas Bogenall, Henrietta m. Thomas Ogle, Christina and Elizabeth died young.
1650 Thomas Bruce, (1656 – 1741) 3rd Earl of Elgin, 2nd of Ailesbury, 5th of Kinloss, who married Elizabeth Seymour. They had 4 sons: Robert, Charles, Thoas and Henry, the latter two dying young, and two daughters: Mary – died young and Elizabeth who m. George Earl of Cardigan. He married 2nd Charlotte D’Argenteau and had a daughter Charlotte Maria who m. the Prince of Hornes.
1700 Charles Bruce, (1682 – 10 February 1747) 4th Earl of Elgin, 3rd of Ailesbury, and 6th of Kinloss, who married Ann Savile. They had 2 sons: George and Robert and 2 daughters: Mary and Elizabeth. He married 2nd Julianne Boyle and had a daughter, Mary. Since both male heirs died before their father, the Ailesbury title became extinct. The Barony of Bruce of Tottenham fell upon his nephew Thomas Bruce Brundell, the Kinloss title passed to his grandson, James 3rd Duke of Chandos (son of Mary Bruce and Henry 2nd Duke of Chandos) and the title of Elgin passed to a cousin, *Charles Bruce.

*Charles Bruce, (6 July 1732 – 14 May 1771) 5th Earl of Elgin and 9th of Kincardine, (line from **Edward Bruce of Blairhall, above, through his son George Bruce of Carnock) who married Martha Whyte. The Kincardine title was created in 1647. They had 4 sons: William, Thomas, Charles m. Anna Maria Blunt, and James, and three daughters: Charlotte who m. Phillip Durham, Martha and Janet. The latter two died young.

1771 William Robert Bruce (28 January 1764 – 15 July 1771), 6th Earl of Elgin and 10th of Kincardine, He died shortly after his father and the title reverted to his youngest brother, Thomas.
1771 Thomas Bruce (20 July 1766 – 14 November 1841), 7th Earl of Elgin and 11th of Kincardine, married first, Mary Nisbet and had one son, George, and 3 daughters: Mary, Matilda, and Lucy. Married 2nd Elizabeth Oswald and had 4 sons: James, Robert, Frederick, Thomas and 3 daughters: Charlotte, Augusta, and Frances.
1840 James Bruce (20 July 1811 – 20 November 1863), 8th Earl of Elgin and 12th of Kincardine, married 1st Elizabeth Mary Cumming -Bruce (her great-grandfather was James Bruce the famous African traveler), had one daughter Elma; and 2nd who married Mary Lamberton. They had 4 sons: Victor, Robert, Frederick, unknown, and a daughter.
1860 Victor Bruce (16 May 1849 – 18 January 1917), 9th Earl of Elgin and 13th of Kincardine, who married Constance Carnegie. They had 6 sons: Edward, Robert, Alexander, David, John and Victor; and 5 daughters: Elizabeth, Christian, Constance, Marjorie, and Rachel.
1915 Edward Bruce (8, June 1881 – 7 November 1968), 10th Earl of Elgin and 14th of Kincardine, who married Katherine Cochran. They had 3 sons: Andrew, James, Edward; and 3 daughters: Martha, Jean and Allison.
1950 Andrew Bruce, (b 1924) 11th Earl of Elgin and 15th of Kincardine. They have 3 sons and 2 daughters. Our Chief of the Family and Name of BRUCE.

Rate(Rait)/Fingask (in the parish of Rait, county Perth)

1500 David Bruce of Rate/Rait, m. Janet Arnot. They had a son James.
1520 James Bruce of Rait, had 2 sons, John, with the title of Fingask and the went to his brother William.
1540 William Bruce of Rait married Helen Hay and had 3 sons Patrick, David and Peter.
1600 Patrick Bruce of Fingask and Rait, married Elizabeth Bruce d. about 1601 and then married 2nd Helen Bruce of Earlshall. David Bruce married Margaret Dundas and had 2 sons: William (below) and Peter (had a son Peter who then had sons Peter and William); and Peter married a forename unknown Wedderburn and had 3 daughters: Helen, Elizabeth and Rachel.
1630 William Bruce of Fingask married Janet Gibson and had several children one is Laurance Bruce.
1660 Laurance Bruce of Fingask had a son William Bruce (not sure on descendants after this).


1500 Robert Bruce, of Auchinbowie, burgess in Stirling and ancestor of the Bruce of Auchinbowie, d. abt 1560, m. Margaret Sandelandis. Not sure who his father was at this time, but documents lead to Bruces of Airth. He had a son Robert.
1550 Robert Bruce, of Auchinbowie m. Margaret Graham. Had a son, John.
1570 John Bruce, of Auchinbowie m. Catherine Knox. They had a son, Alexander.
1600 Alexander Bruce, of Auchinbowie, b. abt. 1586, m. abt. 1606 Isobel daughter of John Boyll of Kelburne. They had a son, Robert.
1630 Robert Bruce, of Auchinbowie. Had a son William.
1650 William Bruce, of Auchinbowie. He had two daughters: Janet who married Capt. William Bruce younger of Newton, and Margaret, who married George Munro in 1693. The Munro’s took the title of Auchinbowie.

Cowden, Newton and Downhill

Patrick Bruce, of Newton, ancestor of the Bruce of Downhill, married Janet Jackson. They had 3 sons that are known: Patrick, William and Michael.
1630 Patrick Bruce: Had issue.

William Bruce of Newton, had a son, Alexander. This Alexander had 2 sons: Alexander and William.

Alexander had a daughter, Catherine who married Alexander Bruce, son of Henry Bruce 13th of Clackmannan. They had no heirs.

William who married Janet daughter of Henry Bruce 13th of Clackmannan. They had 2 sons Henry and William, 2 daughters Jean and Sarah.

Henry, Jean and Sarah died unmarried.

William succeeded the estate of Cowden and m. Margaret Oliver daughter of Dr. Robert Oliver. This line died out with their daughter Margaret ending the Clackmannan line in the late 1700s.

Michael Bruce (1635 – 1693) Irish Presbyterian, minister of Killinchy, married Jean Bruce, daughter of Robert Bruce, 2nd of Kinnaird. They had a son James.

1670 James Bruce, (d 1726) Min of Killeleagh, m 1685 Margaret daughter of Lt-Col James Trail, of Tolychin. They had 10 children including, Michael (ancestor of the Bruces of Benburb, Co Tyrone, and Norton Hall), Patrick, see below, and William.

Michael Bruce – eldest son of James, b. 7/27/1686 d 12/1/1715, m 1716, Mary Kerr. They had one son, Samuel Bruce. Samuel had 2 sons: one was William.

1690 Rev Patrick Bruce, (b 11 April 1692) Min of Killeleagh, married 1718 Margaret, daughter of James Hamilton, of Ladyland, Ayrshire. They had many children of which the oldest son James.
1720 James Bruce, of Killeleagh; (b. 1720) married Henrietta in 1762, daughter Rev Hon H Hervey Aston. They had 2 sons, Henry Hervey Aston and Stewart Bruce and 1 daughter, Fridiswid.
1770 Henry, (d 1822) 1st of Downhill created on 29 June 1804, married 10 November 1786 Letitia daughter of Rev Dr Henry Barnard. They had 9 children: 3 sons: James, Henry and another son and 6 daughters.

Stewart Bruce, married 18 Oct 1838 Emma, daughter of James Ramsbottom, of Clewer Lodge, Windsor.

1790 James Robertson Bruce, (4 September 1788 – 22 April 1836) 2nd of Downhill; married 20 Sept 1819 Ellen daughter of Robert Bamford Hesketh, of Gwyrch Castle, Denbighs. They had many children of whom Henry succeeded.

Henry William (b 2 February 1792) , of Ballyscullion, CO Londonderry, married 1st 9 Feb 1822 Jane daughter of Adml Hon Sir Alexander Forester Cochrane, and had many children. He married 2nd Louisa Mary Minchin daughter of Col George Dalrymple, and had many children.

1820 Henry Hervey Bruce, (22 September 1820 – 8 December 1909) 3rd of Downhill married 12 July 1842 Marianne Margaret only daughter of Sir Juckes Granville Juckes Clifton. They had 2 sons: Henry and James.
1850 Henry Juckes Lloyd Bruce, (5 October 1843 – 8 May 1919) 4th of Downhill ; married 15 Jan 1872 Ellen Maud, daughter of Percy Ricardo, of Bramley Park, Guildford. They had 2 sons: Hervey and Percy.
1870 Henry Ronald Bruce, (9 December 1872 – 18 May 1924) 5th of Downhill married 1st Ruth Isabel daughter of Haughton Charles Okeover; married 2nd 11 July 1916 Margaret Florence daughter of Rev Robert Jackson. They had 2 sons: Hervey and Ronald and one daughter, Beryl.
1920 Hervey John William Bruce, (29 June 1919 – 1971) 6th of Downhill married 21 Feb 1949 Crista Irene Valentine daughter of Lt-Col Chandos de Paravicini, and d 1971 as a result of a motor accident. They had a son: Hervey and daughter, Lauretta.
Present Hervey James Hugh Bruce, (b 4 September 1952) 7th of Downhill, CO Londonderry married 1st 1979, Charlotte Sara Jane daughter of John Temple Gore. They have a son: Hervey and daughter, Laura. Sir Hervey married second, Joanna daughter of Frank Pope. They have a son.

Cultmalindie, Muness and Caithness

1475 Robert Bruce, 2nd son of John Bruce, 5th of Clackmannan, d. 1508 m. 1475, Janet Barbour of Cultmalindie, parish of Tibbermore, Perth, daughter of John Barbour. They had one son, Hector.
1500 Hector Bruce d. 1535, m. 1502, Gelis Wardlaw, daughter of Henry. They had one son, John and a daughter Gelis.
1530 John Bruce b. 1507, m. Euphemia Elphinstone, daughter of Alexander, 1st of Elphinstone. They had four sons: Robert, Henry, James, and Lawrence; and one daughter Euphame.

Robert: married 4/16/1568, Elizabeth Gray, daughter of Patrick Gray, 4th Lord of Gray. They had a son, William Bruce, 1st of Symbister.

1560 Laurence Bruce b. 1547 d. 1617, m Helen Kennedy, about 1559, daughter of Alexander Kennedy of Girvan Mains. They had one son, Alexander and 4 daughters: Elizabeth, Helen, Marjory and Margaret. It is known that Laurence had many illegitimate children. More on this later. m 2nd Elizabeth Gray, daughter of Patrick 4th lord of Gray had a son Andrew, ancestor of Bruces of Muness below.

Alexander m. Jean Oliphant – Ancestor of the Bruces of Cultmalindie and Caithness.
Helen m. Adam Sinclair
Margaret m. Andrew Fordyce.
Marjory m. Malcolm McInroy


1590 Andrew Bruce d 2/12/1625, m. Isobel Sinclair, daughter of Malcolm Sinclair of Quendael. They had two sons, Andrew and Alexander, and two daughters: Elizabeth and Marjory (m. Robert Bruce of Sumburgh) Married second Catherine Fordyce, daughter of James Fordyce and had a son William ancestor of Bruces of Urie below.


1620 Andrew Bruce, 1st of Urie, m. Mary Sinclair, daughter of John Sinclair. They had one son, William.
1665 William Bruce, 2nd of Urie, m. Katherine Henderson, daughter of Magnus Henderson. They had three sons: Magnus, William and Andrew; and two daughters: Margaret and Catherine.

Magnus Bruce,

William Bruce, wife’s name unknown; had a daughter, Ursilla who married John Hoseason.

Andrew Bruce, m. Catherine Sinclair and had a son, John.

Margaret Bruce

Catherine Bruce

Sumburgh and Symbister

1570 William Bruce, 1st of Sumburgh and Symbister, m. Marjorie, daughter of John Stewart. They had a son: Robert. His second marriage was to Isabella Spence, daughter of James Spence. They had a son Andrew, who is the ancestor of the Bruces of Pithartie in Fifeshire.
1600 Robert Bruce, 2nd of Sumburgh and Symbister, m. 7/18/1625, as his 2nd wife, Marjory Bruce, daughter of Andrew Bruce of Muness. They had five sons: William, Laurence below, Andrew (ancestor of Bruces of Braewick), Patrick, and James as well as one daughter Mary.

Laurence, ancestor of Symbister (parish of Whalsay), (d 1683) m. 1643 Margaret Stewart, daughter of John Stewart of Bigtown. They had four sons: John, William, Laurance, and Robert (of Chalster) and 2 daughters Grizel and Catherine.

John, 2nd of Symbister married Grizel Stewart and had 3 sons: John, Laurance, and Robert (ancestor of Bruces of Burravoe) and one daughter Margaret.

1640 William Bruce, 3rd of Sumburgh, m. 1656 Margaret, daughter of John Sinclair of Queendale as his second wife. They had three sons: Robert, Laurence and Andrew and three daughters: Dorthea, Margaret and Barbara.
1680 Robert Bruce, 4th of Sumburgh, m. 1679 Barbara Stewart, daughter of Laurence Stewart of Bigtown . They had three sons: Robert, William, and Laurence; and three daughters: Grizel, Catherine and Janet..
1690 William Bruce, 5th of Sumburgh, died with no heirs and the title went to his brother Laurence.
1705 Laurence Bruce, 6th of Sumburgh, m. abt. 1714 Elizabeth Crichton, daughter of George Crichton. They had one son, Robert.
1730 Robert Bruce, 7th of Sumburgh, m. bef. 1733, Alicia Dalmahoy, daughter of John Dalmahoy. They had 2 sons: Laurence (died young) and John.
1765 John Bruce, 8th of Sumburgh, m. 1765 Helen Hunter, daughter of Robert Hunter. They had 2 sons: John and Robert; and 5 daughters: Helen, Elizabeth, Ursilla, Alice and Grizel.
1795 John Bruce, 9th of Sumburgh, m. 1795 Elizabeth Hunter, daughter of Robert Hunter. They had two sons: John and Robert; and two daughters: Elizabeth and Helen.
1830 John Bruce, 10th of Sumburgh, m. 1832 Mary Nelson, daughter of John Nelson. They had six sons: John, Thomas, Robert, James, George and Frederick; and two daughters: Elizabeth and Helen.
1870 John Bruce, 11th of Sumburgh,b. 1837 d 1901, m. 1832 Mary Dalziel. They had no heirs and the title went to his brother Robert.
1900 Robert Hunter Bruce, 11th of Sumburgh b 1845.

Braewick (in the Parish of Northmaven county of Shetland)

1650 Andrew Bruce, 1st of Braewick, d. 1674, married Helen, daughter of William Stewart of Mains. They had 5 sons: Andrew, Laurence, John, Robert, and James as well as 1 daughter, Dorthea (married Simon Forbes of Tow).
1680 Andrew Bruce, 2nd of Braewick d. 1737 by drowning, married Margaret, daughter of James Sinclair of Hoversta. They had 3 sons: Laurence, William and Andrew as well as 3 daughters, Margaret (married John Scott), Elizabeth and Mary.
1720 Laurence Bruce, 3rd of Braewick, married 4/22/1722, Ann Margaret Nicolson daughter of Arthur Nicolson of Lochend. They had 5 sons: Arthur, Henry, James, Robert, and Laurence, as well as 2 daughters, Margaret (married 5th January, 1759, Samuel Scollay, merchant in Lerwick), and Janet.

Burravoe and Symbister

1750 Robert Bruce married Margaret Bruce daughter of Robert Bruce of Chalster, and they had 4 sons and 4 daughters:

  • John married Clementina Stewart, left no issue.
  • William married Grizel Hunter
  • Laurence
  • Robert, died without issue at Leith in 1744.
  • Grizel married John Barclay in 1755.
  • Margaret, m. Rev. William Jack in 1765.
  • Helen
  • Ursilla.
1720 William Bruce, 1st of Burravoe and Symbister b. 1726 d. 9/15/1801, married Grizel Hunter. They had 2 sons and a daughter. John, Robert and Ursilla.
1770 Robert Bruce, 2nd of Burravoe and Symbister, married 12/22/1765, Ursilla Bruce daughter of John Bruce, 8th of Sumburgh and Helen Hunter. They had 4 sons: John, William of Symbister below, Robert became of Burravoe below, and Laurence, as well as 2 daughters, Helen and Margaret.

Robert Bruce of Burravoe (in the parish of Yell) married 1825 Mary Young. They had several children: Robert, Laurance, David, John, William, Mary, Jane, and Katherine. He married second Janet Williamson in 1847 and had Samuel and Andrina. Many children from these offspring.

Robert the oldest became 3rd of Burravoe and married Wilhemina Inster and had Robert, William, Ursilla, and David.

1820 William Arthur Bruce, 3rd of Symbister, married 10/25/1825, Agnes MacRae daughter of William MacRae, of Westbrook, Midlothian. They had many children Robert, William, Laurance, Andrew, Farqhar, George, Ursilla, Margaret, Amelia, and Agnes. Robert succeeded.
1860 Robert Bruce, 4th of Symbister, married 11/12/1862, Ann Simson daughter of Archibald Simson, Comedal, Bengal. They had: William, Archilbald (died young), Robert, and Maria (died young). William succeeded.
1890 William Bruce, 5th of Symbister, married 7/3/1897, Elizabeth Sinclair. They had: Elizabeth and Grizel(died young).


1637 Alexander Bruce, b. 1637, m. 1677, Margaret, daughter of James Cleland of Stoniepath. Received Gartlet through patrimony and had one son, James, and one daughter Rachel who m. 1724 John Cleland.
1690 James Bruce, b. 1691 d. 1749, m. Keturah, daughter of Joseph French. He had become Chief Justice of Barbados and had two sons, Joseph and Alexander (had one daughter Keturah), and one daughter Elizabeth who m. James Straker.
1730 Joseph Bruce, d. 1787 m. Jane, daughter of Samuel Barwick, Governor of Barbados . They had three sons, but only Barwick survived; James, Samuel and Barwick.
1777 Barwick Bruce, b. 1757 d.1841, m. Annabel, daughter of Nathaniel Walrond. They had two sons; Alexander and Samuel.
1800 Samuel Barwick Bruce d. 1852, m. 1819, Jane, daughter of William Downing. They had two sons: William and Robert.
1830 William Downing Bruce m. Louisa Emily, daughter of William Plomer. They had 4 sons: Robert Dalrymple Barwick Bruce, James Alexander Beresford Barwick Bruce, Edward Walrond wells Bruce, and David Charles Stewart Bruce.

Robert Catheart Dalrymple Bruce m. Helen, daughter of John Dunlop. They had 2 sons: Robert Nigel Dalrymple Bruce and Alexander John Walrond Barwick Bruce; and 3 daughters: Helen Cleland Bruce, Edith Sarah Jane Bruce and Marjorie Mable Maud Bruce.

Earlshall (in the parish of Leuchars, county Fife)

1480 Alexander Bruce, 1st of Earlshall. m. Janet daughter of David Stewart of Rosyth. He received the lands from his father, Alexander who by charter in 1497 from James IV, and he died about 1504. They had one son William and 4 daughters: Margaret, Ellen, Agnes, and Janet.
1500 William Bruce, 2nd of Earlshall, b. 1486 d. 1584. m. Margaret daughter of Alexander Meldrum of Seggie. He built Earlshall Castle and was completed in 1546 by his great grandson. They had 2 sons: Peter and Robert ancestor of the Bruces of Pitlethie; and 4 daughters: Helen, Janet, Margaret and Agnes.
1530 Peter Bruce. m. Agnes daughter of James Scrymgeour of Dudhope. They had two sons: Alexander and John, and three daughters: Agnes m. David Nairne of County Fife, Christian m. James Carnegie of Balmachie county Forfar, another daughter m. m. James Ramsay of Rind.
1580 Alexander Bruce, 3rd of Earlshall. m. Euphame daughter of John Leslie of Parkhill in 1572, she dies March 1587. He married 2nd Janet (elphinstone) Leslie. He died September 30, 1600. Alexander and Euphame had two sons: John (predeceased father 1585) and William succeeded, and two daughters: Elizabeth Jane Ann married Mr. Durie, and Janet married Mr. Blackmont.
1610 William Bruce, 4th of Earlshall, d. 1636. m. Elizabeth (b. abt. 1667 d. 1635 age 68) daughter of Andrew Wood of Largo County Fife in May 22, 1594. He finished Earlshall Castle in 1617. They had 6 sons: Andrew succeeded, Robert (m. 6/9/1642 Anna Seaton; had 2 daughters Anna and Helen), William (died young), Alexander (Ancestor of the families of Wester Abden, Grangehill and Falkland; m. Jean Kirkaldy), John (m. a daughter of Laird Kinaldie in county Fife) and George (died at the Battle of Worchester and ancestor of the family of Essex). and 2 daughters, Elizabeth married Andrew Bruce of Pitarthie and Jean married William Dundas. He married second, Agnes Lyndsay and no issue of record.
1630 Andrew Bruce, 5th of Earlshall. m. September 11, 1622 Helen daughter of Patrick Gray. They had 2 sons: Andrew and Alexander and one daughter, Helen married Patrick Bruce of Fingask. His son Andrew succeeded him in 1664.

Alexander Bruce, supposedly the ancestor of Bruces of Drumcrinna (Miltown Castle Count Cork, Ireland) m. Mary daughter of Capt. Brooks and settled in Ireland in 1654.

1660 Andrew Bruce, 6th of Earlshall, b 1630 d. August 1696; m. June 30, 1655 to Helen (Reid) Arnot (died 1671) relict of Charles Arnot. With his first wife they had one son: Robert and one daughter, Margaret m. Samuel Nairne. He married 2nd Anne Bruce, daughter of Robert Bruce of Ballingry, and had two sons David (died young) and Alexander Bruce (married no issue).
1680 Robert Bruce, 7th of Earlshall d. about 1708 m. Mary Hamilton daughter of William Hamilton of Monkland county Lanark. They had three daughters, Helen, Elizabeth (died unmarried) and Margaret m. William Henderson of Raderny county Fife. The title of Earlshall passed to the Hendersons of Fordell by the marriage of Margaret. However there are descendants of this Bruce line earlier in the lineage that put forth legitimate claims to the titles, but never came to fruition in the mid 1700s.

Wester Abden, Grangehill and Falkland

1630 Alexander Bruce m. Jean Kirkaldy daughter of John Kirkaldy of Wester Abden and had 5 sons: John, Andrew (m. the daughter of William Scot, d. 1704 had daughter Ann), Robert (below), William (m. Euphame Barclay, and Alexander and 1 daughter named Jean. Alexander died in the battle of Kilsyth on August 15, 1645 fighting under Montrose, and is buried in Kinghorn.
1650 John Bruce m. a daughter of David Brown of Vicarsgrange near Kinghorn. They had two daughters Margaret (m. George Boswell) and Elizabeth, died young and unmarried.
1660 Robert Bruce m. 1664 Elizabeth Wemyss and died age 94, in 1731. They had ten children; a few that I know of are Robert, Andrew, Margaret, Judith.
1700 Robert Bruce m. August 6, 1702 Margaret Schaw daughter of Robert Schaw. They had 8 sons and 2 daughters, but many died young.
1740 Andrew Bruce, b January 4, 1710, died 1761 m. July 1740 Jean Squyre, daughter of Rev. John Squyre, minister of Grangehill. They had 2 sons; John and Robert (died unmarried but had a daughter Margaret Stuart Bruce) and a daughter Margaret (died unmarried).
1770 John Bruce unsuccessfully claimed the estate of Earlshall as heir male, after the death of the heiress in 1774. He bought the estate at Falkland and died without issue on April 16, 1826, age 82. He left the estate to his niece Margaret Stuart Bruce who married March 13, 1828 Onesiphorous Tyndall of the fmaily of Tyndall and obtained the Royal license on April 23, 1849 of assumed surname Bruce.


1560 Robert Bruce, 2nd son of William Bruce of Earlshall, m. Janet Dundas and had a son, Robert and had two daughters: Euphame, married George Kerr; and Anna married March 3, 1581, David Nairne of Sandford.
1590 Robert Bruce m abt 1595, Helen Scharp daughter of John Sharp. They had one son Robert and three daughters: Margaret, Janet and Helen.


1680 Robert Bruce, 3rd son of Robert Bruce and Agnes Murray, m April 8, 1669 Isobel daughter of Andrew Patterson of Dunmore. They had children, one being James his second son.
1710 James Bruce, m. Margaret Holloway, and he died abroad on the HMS Bedford on November 11, 1727. They had a son, William.
1730 William Bruce, b. 1705 d. 1768 m. 1st Jane, daughter of Gabriel Lewis of Llanishen House, Glam. They had two sons and two daughters, one being Margaret the only one who married. William m. 2nd, Mary Turberville. He was the high sheriff of Glam and lived in the estate of Duffryn in Aberdare.
1730 Margaret Bruce, d. May 20, 1809, m. August 29, 1779, John Knight son of James Knight They had children one being John Bruce Knight who assumed the name of Bruce in 1805 on after his uncle’s death. Becoming John Bruce Knight Bruce-Pryce in July 1837. His children retained the name of Bruce up till present time.

Stanstil/Stanstell, Ham, Lyth (Caithness area)

1550 The Bruces of Stanstil in Caithness inter-married many of the prominent Sinclairs. David Bruce and Saul Bruce, see Lyth below may have been cousins.
1550 David Bruce of Stanstil d. abt 1595. He had two sons: William, see below, and John.

John Bruce, of Hastigrow and Seater, had a son David, who in turn had a son Magnus Bruce. Magnus had two sons: John, m. Katherine Dunnet and William.

1600 William Bruce, 2nd of Stanstil b. bef. 1574 d. abt. 1620, m. abt. 1602 Janet Murray, daughter of Janet Munro. They had four sons: David, see below, William and Patrick, and four daughters: Janet, Jean, Margaret and Elizabeth.

David Bruce m. abt. 1616, Helen Ogilvie. They had two sons: William, see below, and Robert.
William Bruce
Patrick Bruce
Janet Bruce m. James Sinclair, 4th son of John Sinclair, 10th Earl of Caithness.
Jean Bruce
Margaret Bruce
Elizabeth Bruce m. James Sinclair

1640 William Bruce, 3rd of Stanstil m. his cousin, Elspeth daughter of James Sinclair and Janet Bruce.

Lyth (Caithness area)

1580 Saul Bruce and Gavin Bruce.

Gavin Bruce m. Christian, daughter of William Bruce, 2nd of Stanstil, and had a son, who in turn had James Bruce.

1610 Saul Bruce of Lyth m. a Manson daughter and had three sons: David, William, and Walter, and a daughter Marjorie, who married a Sinclair.

David Bruce minister of Olrig, d. abt 1630.

William Bruce of Lyth, succeeded his brother had three sons: Robert, George, and William.

Robert Bruce m. Elspeth, daughter of James Sinclair, had a son William and ended up with Stanstill. This William m. Margaret, daughter of David Sinclair of Southdun.
George Bruce
William Bruce of Myrland, Kirk and Myrelandhorn

Walter Bruce of Ham m. Janet, daughter of James Sinclair and Janet Bruce of Rattar, and had two sons, John and David Bruce and a daughter Janet; m. 2nd Barbara, daughter of William Smithe minister of Dunnet, two sons, Walter and William Bruce and a daughter Rose. m. 3rd abt 1657, Elizabeth daughter of Alexander Sinclair (she married 2nd George Sinclair of Olrig).

By 1st wife, Janet:
John Bruce, of Ham, d. bef. 1701 m. Anne, daughter of John Cunningham of Brownhill, and had 2 daughters: Janet and Elizabeth

David Bruce of Ham
Janet Bruce m. Angus Sutherland

by 2nd wife Barbara:
Walter Bruce
William Bruce of Cowsback had a son: Walter
Rose Bruce m. Andrew Gunn

by 3rd wife Elizabeth Sinclair:
Elizabeth Bruce m. William Calder of Lynegar

Drumcrinna (Ireland)

1650 Alexander Bruce, younger son of Andrew Bruce of Earlshall and Helen Gray. They settled in Ireland in 1654 and had a son Saul Bruce.
1680 Saul Bruce, m. Mary Ryce. They had many children of which Jonathan succeeded.
1690 Jonathan Bruce, m. Mary daughter of Lewis Prytherick. They had 4 sons: Leiws, Saul, Charles David, and George and three daughters: Mary, Catherine, and Sarah.

Lewis, Vicar of Rainham, in Essex, and Preacher at Somerset House.
Charles David
George, see below.
Mary, m Samuel Hobson.
Catherine, m. a Delahide.
Sarah, m. a Roberts.

1750 George Bruce, m. 1753, Mary daughter of Thomas Evans of Miltown Castle, County Cork. They had many children of which Jonathan succeeded.
1780 Jonathan Bruce, m. April 17, 1781, Mary daughter of Eyre Evans of Miltown Castle, County Cork. They had three boys: George, Eyre, and Jonathan and two girls: Elizabeth and Mary.

Eyre, had one son George and three daughters.
Jonathan, m Anne daughter of Major Maxwell, and had six sons, one being Richard, and two daughters.
Elizabeth Evans m. Charles Conyers, of Castletown
Mary m. Eyre Massy of Glenville.

1820 George Evans Bruce of Miltown Castle, b. January 17, 1782, m. August 4, 1818, Frances of Lota, County Cork. They had one son Jonathan and 4 daughters: Jane Greene, Mary, Frances Catherine, and Georgina.
1860 Jonathan Bruce of Miltown Castle, b. June 18, 1819, d. December 9, 1884 m. July 27, 1865, Annie Sophia daughter of Thomas Hussey de Burgh. They had one son George, and two daughters Kate de Burgh and Frances Eveleen.
1910 George Evans Bruce of Drumcrinna, County Tyrone, b. November 15, 1867, m. July 1, 1914, Mary Grant daughter of Eyre Lewis Bruce, of Miegunyah, Traralgon, Victoria, Australia. He had two sons: Jonathan Eyre and Patrick de burgh, and one daughter Mary Seton Grant.
present Jonathan Eyre Bruce of Drumcrinna, County Tyrone. b. July 4, 1915.
1790 – Present Sir Michael Bruce, 6th of Stenhouse lineage:
2nd of the 6 Sons:
William, 7th succeeded.
Patrick Craufurd Bruce, (b 24 Jan 1748 – d 1820) Banker; m 22 Jan 1785, Jane, daughter of Edmund Smith. They had 1 daughter, Jane, and two sons, Michael and Robert.Michael, (28 May 1787 – 5 Nov 1861), famous for arranging escape of Count Lavallette from France, for which act he was imprisoned; m 15 Aug 1818, Marianne Dallas, widow of Capt Sir Peter Parker, daughter of Sir George Dallas, 1st Bt. Had only one son, Michael.Michael, (8 May 1823 – 29 Sept 1883), General in the Army; m in 1847 to, Anna Maria Frances, dau of James Stuart. Had one son, Eric and a daughter Ethel.Eric Henry Stuart (20 August 1855 – 28 Febrary 1935) Scientist and Aviator, m in 19 Aug 1884, Helen Florence Mary Auxilium, daughter of John Daniel King. They had 3 sons: Michael, Ian and Alistair, and one daughter, Mary.Michael Mary Victor Stuart (24 November 1886 – 19 June 1948)

Ian Robert Craufurd George Mary (22 June 1890 – 16 January 1956) He was a distinguished military officer, serving in WW I and WW II. He married on 1 June 1926, Joan Mary Feilding and they had 5 daughters: Ann, Janet, Helen, Eynor, and Philena.

Alastair Lavallette Eric Mary – (4 May 1898 – 1950) served in WW I 1914, educated at Cheltenham, and RMC Sandhurst. He married, 1923, Winifred Moultrie, daughter of J.A.E Wren, of Southsea. They had one son, Anthony Crawford John (29 April 1925 – 1988).

Robert Nicholson (5 April 1795 – 24 June 1867); m in 1822, Harriet Elizabeth, daughter of Richard Williams of Eaton Hall, Salop. They had one daughter Isabella Harriet.

Cultmalindie and Caithness
1570 Alexander Bruce, of Cultmalindie, d 10/23/1624, m. 12/15/1568, Jean Oliphant, daughter of Lawrence, 4th of Oliphant. They had 3 sons: Lawrence, George, and Alexander; and 5 daughters: Helen, Barbara, Jean, Marjory and Margaret.

Helen m. Robert Moray then Malcolm Fleming.
Barbara m. David Smith
Jean m. Hugh Sinclair.
Marjory m. John Cheyne.

1620 George Bruce, of Cultmalindie, d 1675, m. Margaret Campbell, daughter of Robert Campbell of Glenlyon and widow of Robert Stewart of Ballechin. They had 2 sons: Lawrence and George, and 1 daughter: Jean.
1700 George Bruce, of Caithness, m. 3/10/1709 Anna Sutherland. They had one son that I’m aware of, Robert.
1730 Robert Bruce, of Caithness, m. 11/2/1728 Janet Sutherland, daughter of George Sutherland and his wife Margaret. They had 2 sons: John and George.
1760 John Bruce, of Caithness, b. 4/8/1730, m. 1/12/1764 Janet Gilbertson, daughter of William Gilbertson of Watten. They had 3 sons: David, John and George; and 3 daughters: Elizabeth, Janet and Wilhelmina.

John was killed in Egypt.
George and David went to Philadelphia and then New York.

George b. 6/26/1781 in Edinburgh m. 1811 Catherine Wolfe, daughter of David Wolfe of New York. They had 2 sons: David and George; and 3 daughters: Janet, Catherine, and Maltilda.